About us

Nordic BioAnalyis rests in the vibrant biotech cluster Biovation park in Södertälje, Sweden. The company was founded in 2010 and in 2016 the name was changed to Nordic BioAnalysis with focus on analytical services, manufacturing solutions and stability studies. We currently possess 200 m2 laboratory space, with excellent opportunities for expansion. We are proud of our experienced team with passion for quality and analytical techniques.

Christer Johansson, CEO and QA Director
Christer +40 years’ experience from senior roles in Quality, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and Leadership. Christer has been accountable for the setup of several manufacturing sites in Sweden.
+46 8 121 545 00

Kerstin Andersson, Senior Microbiological Expert
Kerstin has more than 40 years’ experience from senior roles in Leadership in Microbiology, Sterility and Quality Management.
+46 8 121 545 00

Hongmei Yu, Lab Manager
Senior scientist and analytical chemist with a background from Astra Zeneca, experienced in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research.
+46 8 121 545 02

Chang Yin, Microbiologist
Senior scientist in biochemistry and microbiology. Chang has vast research experience with different biotechniques and method set-up, driving projects for efficiency. She is responsible of the activities in the microbiological laboratory.
+46 8 121 545 02

Andrew (Lin Kiat ) Lee, Ph.D. in Immunology
Senior scientist in biomolecular science and microbiology. Andrew has vast research experience with cell culturing and different molecular biology techniques, driving projects for efficiency.
+46 8 121 545 02

Olof Sjölin, Analytical chemist
Olof has a M.Sc. from Royal Institute of Technology and has a broad knowledge base in many different analytical techniques. Olof is also driving various projects for operational efficiency.
+46 8 121 545 02

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