Microbiological Analyses

We offer a range of microbiological analyses such as bioburden which includes microbiological quality control of end products, raw material and process samples, identification of microorganisms, as well as pharmaceutical water testing. In addition to bioburden tests we also offer sterility testing, endotoxin analysis and other special studies.

Microbiological analysis helps to ensure that your products are safe,
meet quality expectations and regulatory compliance as required.

Our analytical methods

Pharmaceutical water
Method Suitablity Testing
Freedom of pathogens
Environmental controls
and Monitoring

Identification of
(16S RNA Sequencing,
Mass Spectrometry)
Sterility Tests
Endotoxin testing
Disinfectant studies

Preservation tests
Closure Integrity Test
Growth Promotion testing
Incubation of biological
indicators (Sterilization)
Consultative Expertise
Training courses

Our analytical methods follow EP, USP, JP cGMP, ISO as well other approved methods in accordance with your specifications

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